Displaydata to Showcase ESLs with Delfi Technologies at EuroShop 2020

Posted by Roisin Gray on Jan 31, 2020 12:23:41 PM

Just weeks after NRF's Big Show, Displaydata will be on the road at another of the world's biggest retail tradeshows - EuroShop 2020. Thousands will descend upon Düsseldorf, Germany on February 16 - 20, to see future-oriented and dynamic retail tech providers showcase the next era of retail. We're excited to be right in the middle of it all on stand A76 in hall 6 with our partner Delfi Technologies.

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Displaydata Partners With E Ink at CES 2020 to Showcase the World's Leading Fully Graphic Electronic Shelf Labels

Posted by Roisin Gray on Jan 3, 2020 3:36:09 PM

CES 2020 is the world's largest and one of the most influential tech events, where the entire technology ecosystem gathers to conduct business, launch products, build brands and partner to solve some of the world's most challenging issues. More than 170,000 attendees will visit to see the latest technology; encompassing 5G connectivity, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, electronic shelf labels, smart cities and resilience, sports, robotics and more.

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NRF Can't Miss Sessions

Posted by Roisin Gray on Jan 3, 2020 11:57:11 AM

NRF's Big Show is just around the corner. NRF is a great opportunity to speak with and learn from leaders at the biggest event in the industry. With a plethora of exciting programming, it can be difficult to decide which sessions to attend.

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Research Shows that ESLs are the Future

Posted by Roisin Gray on Jan 2, 2020 4:34:29 PM

As brick and mortar retail face growing challenges, retailers must find innovative solutions to today’s problems. According to our research study with Planet Retail, 67% of shoppers think technology improves the store experience, 33% want offers sent to their mobile devices and 65% said they welcome agile pricing, where prices are subject to change throughout the day. As this research and recent McKinsey and Company reports suggest, electronic shelf labels (ESLs) could be the solution to today’s obstacles.

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Displaydata Partners with E Ink at SID Display Week 2019

Posted by Paul Milner on Apr 26, 2019 11:21:39 AM

SID Display Week now in its 56th year, is where the world’s next-generation electronic display creators, technologists, value-add suppliers, and market-making end-users gather to stay connected, stay current, and get ahead.

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The ESL Revolution is here and U.S. shoppers are ready to adapt

Posted by Emma Stevens on Mar 12, 2019 9:41:11 AM

Let’s face it; shopping trips can be a hassle sometimes. Whether shopping for food, clothing, big-ticket items or a variety of other products, it’s hard for an individual to know exactly how to navigate a store according to their needs. The growing tendency to rely on mobile devices for guidance and the acceptance of technology as an integral part of everyday life affects how the retail sector now caters to its customers.

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Displaydata Showcased Key Developments to Electronic Shelf Labels at NRF 2019

Posted by Emma Stevens on Jan 23, 2019 11:51:41 AM

The world’s fastest-growing electronic shelf label (ESL) provider and most widely installed in the U.S., showcased its class-leading ESL solution with customer and in-store associate interactive features to improve sales, margin and free up labor. The company also demonstrated the world’s first, production ready battery-free ESL using wireless charging.

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Let’s get phygital … our new report with Planet Retail RNG on the connected store

Posted by Paul Milner on Jun 11, 2018 8:12:00 AM

Yes I know, ‘phygital’ (retail) maybe just a buzzword that’s being trotted out again, but it’s having a renaissance; because the widely anticipated, and seamless merging together of physical and digital retail to better serve the customer, has a way to go. What’s more, I see an inequality in this confluence.

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New Store Experiences: Top Five Ways ESLs Can Innovate Your Store

Posted by Emma Stevens on Mar 5, 2018 6:00:00 AM

In the last few years, a major priority for retailers has been focused on integrating their omnichannel services by allowing customers to try, buy, and return items in the mix of ways that are most convenient to them. Much of this work, of course, has been driven by technology. As we enter into a new year, many of our customers are again turning to technology to enhance their store experience.

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Case Study: Displaydata ESLs Enhance the In-Store Experience for B&H Photo Video

Posted by Emma Stevens on Feb 19, 2018 7:00:00 AM

For more than 30 years, B&H Photo Video has been the “go-to” place for the best prices and service for photographic, audio, video, computer and home entertainment. In fact, its New York superstore is the largest non-chain photo and video equipment store in the US.

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