When it comes to setting prices, it’s Amazon vs the rest of the world… or is it?

Posted by admin on Apr 14, 2015 11:04:27 AM

Price has always been a fiercely fought battleground between retailers, but the intensity of this competition has soared in recent years. The reason for this? Amazon.  
  For retail stores in particular, Amazon’s constantly fluctuating prices are the stuff of nightmares. While changes can be made online in a matter of seconds, it can take some retailers hours, days or even weeks – to update paper price labels across their store network. With this discrepancy, how are they supposed to remain consistent with digital channels, let alone competitive?   We conducted some research recently for our Rethinking Retail report: Getting the In-Store Price Right in a Digital Age which revealed that 68% of UK shoppers and 72% of US shoppers have been deterred from purchasing an item in a store because they believed the price to be too high.  

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