Solving the Digital Barrier in Physical Stores: The Answer is in the Cloud

Emma Stevens

Shopping isn’t as cut and dried as it used to be. The evolution of digital has changed how consumers shop. From increased mobile use to the rise of eCommerce, brick-and-mortar shopping will never be the same. With this shift in mind, we help retailers maximize the experience for their in-store shoppers with a simple, cost-effective way to deploy and manage Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) through a cloud-based solution.

Keep up with evolving retail trends

Among other new additions to the traditional in-store retail model, shelf edge technology is increasing its presence in modern-day stores, from grocery to home goods to apparel. In our recent research study with Planet Retail, 77% of retailers said that deploying ESLs would help to improve margins and in-store efficiencies. Already acquainted with technology in their everyday lives, many consumers appreciate the personalized shopping experiences ESLs create. The ability to update prices in near real time also frees associates to serve customers better than ever before and helps build trust with customers by aligning online and in-store prices.

As it’s vital for retail executives to prove ROI, validate use cases, measure performance gains and act on big data insight, a dynamic cloud-based solution accelerates the deployment and management of an enterprise-class ESL solution.

Reap the benefits of an enterprise-class ESL solution

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Finding the resources in thin IT teams to learn, deploy and test new solutions can be challenging. With this in mind, we've developed our Dynamic Cloud solution. With a cloud based solution, there’s no need for IT teams to learn a new system, set up a server or manage databases. It frees your IT team from the burden of managing technical tasks. It also allows you to concentrate on deploying your pricing and promotional strategies with speed, agility and consistency across all channels. This in turn can help to boost sales and protect margins, while also improving the use of associates’ time.

  1. Deploy with speed and simplicity Quickly and easily deploy and maintain an enterprise-class ESL solution without burdening your IT team – there’s no need for your IT team to learn a new system, set up a server or manage databases.
  2. Focus where it matters most Free your team from focusing on the technical aspects of managing an ESL solution, to instead concentrate on ROI, the validation of use cases and business benefits.
  3. View real-time monitoring and alerting View vital system visualisations that clearly show all activity and receive alerts if critical issues are detected.
  4. Compliance reports for price and promo changes Receive reports on requested price and promo changes to ensure 100% accuracy across your ESL estate.
  5. Reduce IT costs and fully managed service Reduce the operating costs of managing and maintaining an ESL solution. Fully managed by Displaydata’s support team 24/7 with operations across the US and Europe.
  6. Scale your deployment with speed and ease Dynamic Cloud is highly scalable. This allows you to expand your ESL deployment from a few stores to hundreds or thousands – with visibility, management and control over every single label provided via the secure web interface. You may wish to take over the hosting of our ESL solution if you have the resource to do this, or we can continue to host for you. This is easily done, and we will support you through the transition.

Highest quality, lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) solution

Our world leading ESL solution is hosted on Google’s cloud platform (GCP) and is fully managed by our support team 24/7. Our highly skilled pre-sales team will assist with the setup and deployment to get you up and running quickly and easily.

Just one instance of our Dynamic Central software is needed to centrally manage millions of IoT-enabled ESLs, across thousands of stores, anywhere, in seconds.

Download our solution brief for more information, or contact us.

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