Six Steps to Become Your Store Associates’ Hero

Paul Milner

For those of us in the retail industry, there is no denying the growing buzz around creating digitally-powered in-store shopping experiences for the consumer. It’s what today’s shopper wants. But are these technologies going to generate valuable ROI for retail organizations? More importantly, will they help store associates do the job they were hired to do?


If you’ve read our blog before, you’ll know that our electronic shelf labels (ESLs) truly offer retailers the best of both words when it comes to in-store technologies. Our fully-graphic, three-color labels can provide retailers with the level of in-store engagement they desire by enabling features such as location-based mobile marketing with personalized offers and promotions (via a retailer’s branded mobile app) directly to a consumer’s smartphone.

Creating engaging store experiences – check!

But, did you know our ESLs can also be your store associates’ new best friend? Fact: Approximately 66% of a store’s running costs are attributed to its staff. On this account, ESLs can be a critical store operations tool, helping to free up staff to focus on better serving customers.

As many of our customers can attest to, our ESLs are easy-to-install and maintain, and they truly make life easier for the store associate. Below are the six easy steps to become a retail superhero. (click here to see our newest animated video for a visual explanation of these steps.)

  • Stores are equipped with our wireless communicators, which are fixed with a simple bracket. Each wireless communicator can cover up to 50,000 square feet and can connect up to 65,000 labels with headquarters.

  • Our ESLs are easily fixed to the shelf edge. The ESLs self-connect to the nearest communicator and are shown on the Dynamic Central software.

  • To link the label with its product, store associates simply scan the barcode on the label and the product’s barcode using their mobile computer. The image for that label is then wirelessly sent to the label. (Displaydata has a list of handheld computers or we can provide a service to port our mobile app on to your choice of mobile device.)

  • As changes are made in your ERP system, the relevant label automatically refreshes. Updates might include price changes, online reviews, competitors’ pricing, discontinued lines, updated product data, promotions and more.

  • To re-merchandise the shelf, store associates can un-assign the labels using the mobile computer and then link them to their new products by repeating the scanning process.

  • Our ESLs communicate back to HQ to tell store associates that changes have been made, as well as battery life updates, current temperature of the label and other important RF and network information. All label changes are confirmed and centrally managed via our Dynamic Central software.

Help Your Store Associates Do What They Do Best

With ESLs, gone are the days of hours and hours spent manually repricing paper labels – a job (let’s face it) that no one likes. ESLs enable real-time and dynamic pricing and promotions in the store. Our ESLs can even be “flipped” before or after the store closes to show messages such as inventory levels and merchandising advice to help store associates complete replenishment quickly and further optimize operational efficiencies.

In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, store associates are a key element to the success of the brick-and-mortar store. By investing in ESLs, retailers will immediately notice improvements in store associate efficiency. These labels allow them to focus on valuable things such as keeping the store well stocked and visibly pleasing, assisting customers, driving more sales and keeping shoppers coming back.

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