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Everyone’s pretty much addicted to their smartphone these days – especially tech savvy shoppers. As our infographic shows, 90%[1] use their phones in-store and 52% do so to check competitors’ prices and look for reviews. 

In fact, the smartphone was estimated to have influenced $2 trillion of off-line sales in 2016[2]. This is a massive opportunity. By using technologies such as Bluetooth beaconing (we offer an integrated Bluetooth beacon in one of our ESLs) you can track, connect to, and send offers to your customers’ smartphones in-store. It’s a new and interactive sales channel that people are open to:

57% are more likely to shop at a store if they receive push promotions

77% are more likely to shop at a store that has a loyalty programme [3]

Watch our animation for more on what ESLs can do for you.

170322 smartphones.jpg


[1] SessionM

[2] Forester

[3] Retail Shopping: Connecting the Multi-channel shopper, SessionM, 2015

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