Santa Claus and New Hires are Coming to Town: How ESLs can Help Make the Most of Seasonal Hires

Paul Milner

Santa Claus and New Hires are Coming to Town: How ESLs can Help Make the Most of Seasonal Hires

The holiday season is always a busy time, scratch that, an insane time for retailers. During the hustle and bustle of managing all of the crucial activities in the store, important things can often slip through the cracks, especially customer service. But, by implementing electronic shelf labels (ESLs), retailers can enhance customer service and ensure quality shopping experiences for their customers by offering a little bit of extra help for seasonal employees. Below are three ways ESLs can help make the most of retail seasonal hires:

Easily Transition New Employees

With this great influx of hiring by retailers, it’s possible seasonal workers won’t receive the required in-depth training on how best to manage inventory. Retailers utilising ESLs and in-store beacons can easily and quickly communicate with associates to alleviate the stress that comes with in-store duties during the holiday season and ensure shelves are always fully stocked. These tools have the ability to send store associates important inventory instructions, updates on real-time price changes and reminders about special promotions for the day. ESLs also allow associates to view near real-time inventory information and detailed product information directly on the label to better assist customers and remind them of key product features.

Improve Operational Efficiency and Merchandising

From Black Friday to Day after Christmas Sales, stores manage a large amount of product in the store and have to adjust displays based on what’s in the store at the time and agreements with brands. To avoid poorly positioned displays and improve in-store merchandising efforts, retailers can share explicit display and end-cap instructions via ESLs to their store mobile devices during after hours store adjustments to ensure each display and shelf look full of holiday cheer.

Give Customers and Associates Access to Endless Aisle Options

To avoid a store full of frustrated and disappointed holiday shoppers due to out-of-stock items on the shelf, ESLs can direct store associates to where the item is located in the store room to quickly retrieve it for a customer. BLE-enabled ESLs can also push a notification to a customer’s mobile device directing them to the eCommerce site or app to purchase and choose the preferred delivery of the out-of-stock product.

This holiday season, retailers have the chance to create amazing experiences for their customers and store associates through in-store engagement technology. By making their lists and checking them twice with ESLs, retailers can give full-time and seasonal associates the tools they need to improve in-store efficiencies and provide the very best in better customer service for their holiday-ready shoppers.


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