Nimble Retail First? Four tech vendors to check out at NRF 2018

Paul Milner

Four tech vendors to check out at NRF 2018

As we look forward to NRF, and, 2018, we expect a lot of focus on finding new ways to further merge physical and online customer interactions to create ever more engaging shopping experiences.

It’s a point highlighted by Susan Reda in Stores Magazine. As part of her retail predictions for 2018, Susan explains how nimble retailers are embracing new ways of doing business and re-engineering how they connect with consumers. Susan writes: “They’re blending physical and digital experiences, deploying new technologies and testing everything from alternative payment options and once unheard-of collaborations to divergent thinking about logistics.”

At Displaydata we’re playing our role in creating new ways to engage customers. Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), equipped with Bluetooth beacons, are helping retailers to not only deploy their price and promotion changes with unprecedented speed, agility, and accuracy but to also provide a seamless experience across channels. For example, we can bring online functionality in-store, with labels showing detailed product information, stock visibility, social reviews, competitor’s prices and more, while customers can be served location-based offers to their smartphone based on search histories and buying behaviour.

ESLs are part of the wider digitisation of retail, and whether you’re in marketing, customer service, or fulfilment, new technology is transforming customer interaction. Much of this tech will be on display at NRF and with 600 exhibitors in attendance, we’ve picked four peers who we feel are worth a special visit. While they focus on different areas (stock management, supply chain, pricing strategy) they share a common aim with us… to create compelling, engaging – and ultimately more profitable – in-store experiences.



Balancing supply with demand is a constant challenge. Microsoft partner Blue Yonder eases it with an AI solution for optimising stock levels, automating decisions and safeguarding margins.

Look for:

Demand Forecast & Replenishment solution: A powerful AI tool that can help retailers to drastically cut out-of-stock rates and balance supply and demand. It’s already helped Morrisons cut wastage, reduce shelf gaps by up to 30%, and lower in-store stock holding by 2 days.



With consumers expecting next-day (even same-day) delivery, pressure across the supply chain has hit new levels. From warehousing to shipping and on to the shop floor, Zebra provides tracking technologies that help retailers gain visibility over every area of their business.

Look for:

SmartLens for Retail: A solution that makes stores smarter by sensing and recording the location and movement of virtually everything – merchandise, associates, shoppers, and assets – and turns that data into easy-to-read actionable intelligence for competitive advantage.



Retailers are continually chasing ‘Goldilocks’ pricing. But while high prices risk sales, and going too low harms margins, trying to get it ‘just right’ can ends in a stalemate with competitors. Revionics uses data science and understanding of price elasticity to help retailers get ahead of their competition and go beyond price matching.

Look for:

Dynamic pricing: Using any number of signals, from spikes in consumer demand to competitor promotions to shopping trends, Revionics provides price recommendations in near-real time. And changes can be automatically implemented or closely managed – whatever works best for the business.



Associates, store design and floor layout all contribute to the shopper experience – as does in-store signage. But keeping shelf labels and promotional displays up to date can be time-consuming and complex. Lexmark’s solutions allow retailers to smoothly co-ordinate and update all their signage – centrally or locally, printed or digital.

Look for:

Print and digital signage solution: By managing all signage through one system, Lexmark helps retailers quickly update prices and promotions, free associates to help customers, and make sure shoppers receive the right message at the right time.



And… don’t forget to drop by and see us, and how our ESLs are bringing the shelf-edge into the internet of things era, to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding, personalised – and profitable. You can book a stand tour here:


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