Is Your Store Ready for Center Stage?

Paul Milner

Retailers around the globe can all agree on one thing – it’s tough out there. The brave ones have chosen to stake their careers on an industry that can often be compared to a scary roller coaster ride complete with flips and sharp turns. There is never a day off in the retail world and you must always be thinking five steps ahead just to keep up with the competition, and of course, the “everywhere” customer.   This new “information-empowered” customer has opened up a vast set of challenges for retailers, who must now embrace an integrated omni-channel strategy in order to meet shopper expectations. More importantly, the store must still be a “featured player” because it will always be a destination consumers go to as part of their shopping journey.   The results of a recently conducted a
consumer survey by Displaydata, suggested that even though consumers’ hearts still lie with the store, digital commerce channels are clearly impacting what shoppers now expect from the store experience. And what are those expectations? They want the store to have consistent pricing, real-time product availability, knowledgeable staff; and they want to feel valued by the store staff and brand. Our survey of 1,000 U.S. respondents told us that these “wants” are often lacking in the store.   How does your store stack up? Is it ready for the omni-channel marquee lights? Would your in-store customer engagement get rave reviews or would it be criticized by shoppers?   To ensure that stores are ready for center stage, retailers should consider implementing digital display solutions such as electronic shelf labels (ESLs), to give shoppers a true omni-channel experience directly at the store. ESLs enable retailers to deliver price, promotion and product information in real-time, enabling them to act with the same agility as online channels. What’s more, retailers who have implemented ESL technology in their stores report improved sales conversion rates, increased operational efficiency and improved margin.   With ESLs, retailers can quickly provide the information and promotions that shoppers expect, creating greater trust that results in stronger customer relationships.   Download our
exclusive report, the first in our “Rethinking Retail” series, to learn how omni-channel shoppers are raising the bar on in-store expectations – and how retailers can meet these demands head-on through the use of ESLs.   Sarah Todd Marketing Manager Displaydata

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