How to change shopper perceptions of your retail store

Paul Milner

Many retailers realise that shopping online is affecting in-store sales, but how many have considered its impact on customer perceptions?   Take price, for example; if someone is shopping online for goods – let’s say groceries – the immediate impression they get when they log on is that the prices and promotions they are being offered are the best available. Even if they’re in doubt, they can easily open a new browser window and check against competitor costs to see if they’re being short shifted.   In most retail stores, however, the shopper experience is completely the opposite. To buy the same grocery item, customers currently take it on faith that they’re receiving value for money. In reality, the time it takes to update paper labels probably means they’re missing out on promotions at the very least – after all, who checks whether the banners in the aisles proclaiming ‘always lower prices’, ‘more for less’ and such like are actually true?   The digital versus physical battle is not just about capturing sales, it’s about creating a satisfying customer experience in order to nurture valuable, long term relationships. Remember, shopping is an emotive activity.   Electronic shelf labels (ESLs) are a compelling answer to bringing store-based shopping into the 21st century. Aside from the obvious benefits – accuracy, compliance and speed – they can offer shoppers the assurance that they’re getting value for money.   More than that, ESLs send out a message that a retailer is investing across the whole of their business, not just online, to stay ahead of the competition – so there’s no need to bother shopping with an inferior competitor.   At the end of the day, retailers are fighting to be perceived as better than their competition. This battle is being fought in the store as well as online.   Robert Sweetman Project Manager Displaydata

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