How T-Mobile Manages Store Promos and Pricing

Paul Milner

It’s a question common to all retailers running multiple stores: How do we cost-efficiently and accurately change prices and promotions on our shelves?

It’s a particularly pressing issue if you work in a highly competitive sector, or, if you stock a lot of fast-moving or perishable goods. In these situations you may want to make numerous adjustments to price and promotions, but, because your staff only have a finite amount of time available, you have to prioritise SKU changes. One way to overcome this issue and have the freedom to remotely (from a computer at your HQ) change prices on any shelf-edge, anywhere, in seconds, is to deploy Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs). T-Mobile Austria has recently done just that.


T-Mobile Austria has 1,400 staff and operates 48 stores. Widely regarded as an innovative retailer, T-Mobile deployed our ESLs in pursuit of three goals: to cost-efficiently update prices in its stores, provide a more engaging in-store experience and help staff spend more time with customers.

T-Mobile deployed our labels with the help of a local partner that also installed the small wireless communicators that connect every shelf label to a single server in T-Mobile’s HQ. As each communicator can cover 50,000 square feet, and talk to 200,000 labels, each store needed just one unit. From one PC, and using simple software, T-Mobile’s central team are able to easily, quickly and accurately update price, product and promo information on any shelf-edge, anywhere across the store estate.


T-Mobile can now adjust its price strategies in minutes – a key benefit in the highly competitive environment of the mobile sector – while reducing costs by 40% thanks to a saving in staff time and label materials and printing cost. The ESLs have also freed staff to concentrate on customers and complement the sleek design of T-Mobile’s stores with professional looking labels that show the right product, price and promo information – always.

Ali Jafery, Shop Manager, T-Centre Vienna, has first-hand experience of the old and new approaches. He says: “We used to worked with paper price tags. We had to come in to work 30 minutes early, or we had to cut out paper price tags during our breaks. Since we started using Displaydata’s electronic labels, everything’s much easier. The time we used to spend with scissors, we now spend with customers.”

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