Help the store retain its allure by freeing staff to help customers

Emma Stevens


A high percentage of operation tasks are manual processes that are costly, time consuming and error prone. And with competition in retail ever increasing, our customers are always looking for ways to use their staff more wisely – to free them from manual tasks to spend more time with shoppers and delivering great service.   

Indeed, creating memorable in-store experiences is seen as essential to ensure the store retains its allure.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) can help you do just that by automating many labour intensive tasks.

Below are my top 5 ways that ESLs can not only free your team to focus on the customer but also help you optimise store efficiencies too.


  1. Change price and promos everywhere – now: All stores need to reserve a portion of their team’s time to re-price items or set-up promos while many supermarkets have a full roster of staff on overnight – at a high overtime cost – to manually re-price thousands of SKUs each week. But with ESLs the need to physically amend labels is removed. While some staff will be needed initially to set the ESLs up, it’s an easy process and once complete you can remotely change one label on one shelf, or thousands of labels on every shelf – in seconds. Automating pricing and promos can achieve steep cost savings. While these vary between retailers, one of our customers, a major European retailer with 800 stores, retrieved their investment in ESLs through cost savings in 16 months. What’s more, it predicts an ROI of 170% in two years.

  1. Improve inventory management: Shelves will always require staff to restock them. But the process can be completed faster with ESLs. By displaying inventory levels on labels your teams can refresh stock as it sells and have visibility over what’s available to sell in the back of the store. This incremental approach can replace the need to run major restocking initiatives that generally need to happen out of hours (with all the staff costs that entails).

  1. Always be compliant: Product descriptions, discontinued lines, origin information and pack sizes are all subject to change and have to be updated in line with legislation. Our labels can show all of this and more (e.g. currency rates, competitors’ prices and online reviews) and with the ability to easily and remotely change them from your HQ it’s much easier to ensure compliance. What’s more, our labels communicate their status back to your HQ (e.g. confirming changes have taken place and their health status) to ensure that an auditable record of changes across every shelf is recorded.

  1. Merchandise more effectively: Ensuring that stores are dressed as you intended can be a challenge. But with ESLs you can flip between pages to show merchandising information, check compliance against a planogram and display QR codes that your team can scan to view videos and images to guide them and ensure shelves and displays are stocked how they should be.

  1. Enhance the customer experience. By showing inventory levels on labels your staff don’t need to leave a customer’s side when checking stock availability – providing a more attentive and rewarding experience.

As well as freeing your staff to spend more time with customers, we see another key benefit with our labels – improvements to staff morale. Let’s face it, no one really enjoys major re-pricing or inventory initiatives and by removing that requirement from your teams they will have more freedom to help customers and improve the in-store experience.


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