Got Customer Reviews and Ratings? You Need ESLs in the Store!

Paul Milner

Paul Milner, Marketing Director, Displaydata  

When it comes to the new and improved digital retail store, the smartphone is a huge game changer. The saturation of smartphones enables a constantly connected consumer to be hyper-targeted at any stage of their purchasing journey with messages relevant to their shopping occasion and history.

The smartest retailers know being able to engage, interact and influence at any stage of the path-to-purchase is essential – especially right at the shelf edge, via the smartphone, and through the power of ratings and reviews.   As we recently wrote about in

Total Retail, there is no denying product reviews and ratings make a big impact on consumers’ expectations and purchasing decisions, online and offline. In a recent study, PowerReviews discovered ratings and reviews scored second only to price as the most important consideration affecting a purchase decision in the survey.   Retailers know shoppers will be looking at ratings, reviews, product videos and social media about their products. Why not embed that consumer generated content front and center of the shelf in the ESL, turning the conversation from one based on company branding to one informed by consumer experience? This can increase the confidence and trust, not only in the product, but in the retailer itself to help drive loyalty and retention.   We encourage you to read our full article recently published in

Total Retail where we discuss by making consumer generated content available at the very point of decision via the smartphone, and through the use of ESLs and BLE-enabled ESLs, retailers can easily fuel consumers’ confidence to ultimately win their business and trust.  

If you would like to see a demo of our ESL solutions, we would be happy to connect with you and demonstrate what they can do for your retail organization. Please email and see how our ESLs can complement your other operational investments to keep you on the cutting edge of business.

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