EuroCIS 2016 and the Power of Retail IT

Emma Stevens

Our team spent a week in Germany at the end of February, teaming up with our partners from Delphi Technologies at the popular EuroCIS 2016 Conference. Now that we’ve settled back into the regular swing of things after a great trip, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our experience.  

EuroCIS 2016 Image courtesy of EuroCIS

 After having countless fruitful conversations about our ESL solutions on display and hearing other expert opinions on the state of the industry, one thing was clear: retail IT is blossoming from every angle as the convergence of physical and digital retail continues, allowing retail shoppers to have access to real-time pricing, inventory and product information in the store.  

The modern definition of an omnichannel experience seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. At EuroCIS, as well as at the NRF Show in New York, most conversations we had were about how ESLs can help retailers enhance customer interaction in the store through personalized offers and rich product information at the shelf edge.   Brands and retailers understand that they can drive much more effective conversion by empowering the consumer with as much information as possible and promoting their brand or store as the ultimate source for not only a product, but an experience.   At industry events like EuroCIS, the Displaydata team continues to hone in on the importance of real-time product and pricing updates as well as operational consistency. Sharing data in real-time with associates and customers who expect the latest and greatest at all times is essential for building trust and loyalty with those shoppers and giving them the confidence that the product they take home was the best deal for them.  

As shoppers become increasingly demanding and aware of the purchasing process, brands and retailers are integrating innovative solutions to provide more and more product intelligence in aisle and at the point of decision. The roster of attendees and the culture of EuroCIS proved to be a great forum to engage with retailers, partners, and other suppliers and share our wisdom to drive that conversation forward - ultimately creating the perfect shopping experience for today’s shoppers.   If you did not get a chance to check in with us at the show, or would like to see a demo of our ESL solutions, we would be happy to connect with you and demonstrate what they can do for your retail organization.

Please email and see how our ESLs can compliment your other operational investments to keep you on the cutting edge of business.

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