ESLs: Not Just a “Nice to Have” Technology Anymore

Emma Stevens

Eileen Keehan, Displaydata’s new SVP of Sales Americas, provides her thoughts on the growth of ESLs in North America and why Displaydata will lead the market.   Things have been quite busy for the global team here at Displaydata, and I couldn't be any happier about it! Since joining this brilliant team a few months ago, I've been earning my frequent flier miles meeting new and prospective customers, and seeing first hand how our innovative and best-in-class ESLs are being utilized on retailer shelves around the world.

On a global level, Displaydata’s ESL solutions are currently installed in hundreds of leading retail and grocery locations. As well, in the U.S., our sales teams have been very busy with pilot implementations with a large number of the most prestigious retailers and grocers in the country. Given the widespread adoption and increasing customer expectations of omni-channel retailing, it is no wonder that the ESL market continues to experience record growth within the U.S. In fact, our partner, EInk, recently announced that it expects ESL shipments to increase threefold in 2015 driven by increased low-cost solutions and advanced technology. We love hearing that kind of good news!  

We all know that retailers currently face a multitude of challenges and are looking for unique ways to enhance the in-store shopping experience and create lasting customer loyalty. What was once thought of as a “nice to have” technology, the ESLs of today have proven to be more than just a gimmicky piece of hardware. The retailers that we currently work with all recognize that Displaydata’s ESLs have become an integral part of their businesses, aka, a “must have” technology. ESLs can increase the operational efficiency of a retail organization, drive better customer interaction and engagement, directly affect sales growth and margin optimization and reduce costs within the business.  

I believe that Displaydata’s innovative ESL technology allows retailers to connect with shoppers in a more meaningful and profitable way and will help them better manage their omni-channel pricing strategies. To top it off, Displaydata’s ESLs are brighter, sharper and more colorful than any other alternative.  

Leveraging beacon technology in retail This is such an exciting time for Displaydata, as the company is poised and ready for great things. Customer feedback on our ESL solution has been extremely positive and we look forward to sharing some customer case studies with you soon. I am thrilled to have joined the fastest-growing ESL company in the world today, and look forward to building on my 20+ years of retail sales experience to lead the company’s next stage of explosive growth in the American retail market.  Stay tuned for more of my blog posts focusing on different ways in which ESLs can make a huge impact for a retail business. We’d love to hear from you!   Eileen Keehan SVP of Sales, Americas, Displaydata

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