Displaydata Showcased Key Developments to Electronic Shelf Labels at NRF 2019

Emma Stevens

The world’s fastest-growing electronic shelf label (ESL) provider and most widely installed in the U.S., showcased its class-leading ESL solution with customer and in-store associate interactive features to improve sales, margin and free up labor. The company also demonstrated the world’s first, production ready battery-free ESL using wireless charging.


Displaydata, the leader in the design and supply of three color fully graphic electronic shelf labels (ESLs), announced exciting developments showcased at NRF’s Big Show. The company demonstrated a mobile app that features personalized augmented reality (AR) navigation and the leading ESLs to deliver near real-time promotional and product information. Additionally, Displaydata exhibited wireless power advancements in its ESLs, demonstrating battery-free ESLs using wireless charging.

These developments will help strengthen Displaydata’s position as the world’s leading ESL vendor with the largest ESL operations in the U.S and more support staff and experts than any other ESL provider. The company is number one in the adoption of ESLs by the world’s leading tier-one retailers and has double the number of store installations compared to any other ESL vendor in the U.S. This is due to the company’s proven ability to help its retail customers increase sales, reduce operational costs, improve pricing strategies, provide an enhanced in-store experience, and free store associates from manual pricing to focus on service and merchandising.

Bringing Personalized Augmented Reality to the Shelf Edge

Displaydata’s AR mobile app, together with the world’s leading fully graphic three color ESLs, deliver a new level of customer engagement in-store to boost sales, protect margins and improve associate utilization. The Displaydata AR mobile app allows in-store shoppers to utilize the power of ESLs and personalized AR to more easily discover products throughout the store, based on a customer’s shopping habits, preferences or existing shopping lists. The mobile app features AR navigation, showing a shopper’s precise location and orientation to the product’s shelf location. Once at the shelf edge, Displaydata’s ESLs, together with the mobile app, are key customer and associate interaction tools that deliver near real-time product info, stock levels, reviews, competitors’ prices and more with speed, agility and consistency. Additional features of the AR mobile app include the ability to:

• Provide special offers or information unique to the shopper

• View highlights of the product’s shelf location with AR callouts

• Add searched products to a shopping list

• Map the locations of all items on a shopping list

Industry-Leading ESLs with Real Wireless Power

Displaydata also showcased the world’s first battery-free ESL using wireless charging. Developed to meet the growing needs of tier-one retailers, Displaydata’s ESLs have been designed and built to support use of Ossia’s Cota wireless power. This key advancement enables Displaydata’s ESLs to receive power over the air, at a distance, without the need for plugs, pads, or line-of-sight. Displaydata’s wirelessly powered ESLs can easily be installed to transform the in-store experience and help retailers grow basket sizes, protect margins, cut waste, ensure compliance, and quickly and accurately launch price and promos to create a consistent omnichannel experience.

“This year at NRF, we are proud to demonstrate the future of ESLs and their ability to create a seamless omnichannel experience, launch compelling price and promo changes, reduce waste, ensure price accuracy and improve associate utilization,” said Andrew Dark, CEO, Displaydata. “Displaydata is the fastest growing ESL vendor with the largest installed ESL solution in the U.S. and ranks number one in the adoption of ESLs by the world’s leading tier-one retailers. As forward-thinking retailers continue to implement our labels at a rapid rate, these new capabilities will help our customers boost sales, protect margins, and consistently manage price and promo strategies across all channels.”

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