Displaydata’s NRF Picks: Top Sessions to Attend

Emma Stevens

If you’re like us and the rest of the retail industry, you’re probably getting ready to attend NRF in a few weeks. The Displaydata team is extremely excited to showcase our product portfolio and demonstrate how retailers can improve the in-store experience for their customers. We’re also excited to hear insights from the trendsetters within our ever-changing industry at the show.

n0ICrkIq_400x400.jpgHere’s a list of the top sessions we’re looking forward to:
Sunday 14th January, 09:30, Hall E, Level 1
  • Description: The founder and CEO of STORY, Rachel Shechtman, and Founder and CEO of &pizza, Michael Lastoria, will discuss building strong brands and reinventing the physical retail experience.

  • Our take: As physical retailers strive to engage customers, reinventing the in-store experience is essential to meeting customer expectations in the age of online shopping. The session’s participants will undoubtedly offer great suggestions on how to enhance the store experience and build a stronger brand.

Sunday 14th January, 10:45, Hall D, Level 1
  • Description: Mary Campbell, Executive Vice President, Commerce Platforms, QVC and Todd Sprinkle, CIO, QVC outline the importance of IT and business working together to solve key challenges facing many retailers.

  • Our take: Embracing technology is essential to developing the store of the future. According to a survey conducted by Brightpearl, poor technology decisions could cost retailers more than $300,000 in lost profit during the holidays alone. (Note: This is why we strive to make our ESLs easy to install and manage for all areas of a business – including IT, operations and marketing.)

Sunday 14th January, 10:45, Hall A, Level 1
  • Description: GDR Creative Intelligence founder, and trend expert, Kate Ancketill, recommends successful strategies to keep up with the constantly evolving customer mindset. Concepts include solutions and technologies currently working like fragmented approaches, modular and agile formats, reframing customer value, platform thinking, localized solutions and more.

  • Our take: eCommerce and the likes of Amazon have forever changed customer expectations. Shoppers want everything immediately and easily. It’s important to examine how retailers can both combat and embrace this shift to meet customer demands and succeed.

Sunday 14th January, 15:30, Hall E, Level 1
  • Description: What once was a merchant-driven business has shifted to an industry driven by technology. Reshaping the way a brand is built, how an audience is attained and influenced, tech is revolutionizing the retail game. Learn how to play (and win) with Instagram COO Marne Levine.

  • Our take: As technology continues to be the catalyst in the retail evolution, it’s important that brands understand how it can be best utilized to attract customers. We’re looking forward to hearing insights from an extremely prevalent and innovative company like Instagram.

Monday 15th January, 10:30, Innovation Lab Stage, Level 4
  • Description: According to Credit Suisse, a projected number of 8,600 retail stores are expected to close by year's end. That makes 2017 the all-time record year for store closings. These staggering statistics are urging retailers to increase foot traffic or close their doors. Led by kwolia’s Anne Marie Stephen, this session will dive into innovative technology and strategies to drive customers back into the physical store - and keep them there.

  • Our take: While brick and mortar trends have seemed grim in the past, there is growing opportunity to succeed in physical spaces. Technology, especially, is leading the charge in creating engaging and attractive stores. Anne Marie Stephen will offer valuable insights into what brands can do to build a successful in-store experience.

These are only a few of the tremendous sessions participants will get to experience at NRF. We can’t wait to learn from the best and brightest in the industry while showcasing our new and exciting product offerings.

Are you attending to NRF? We’d love to give you a tour of our booth – 1411 – to see how our fully graphical three-color Electronic Shelf Labels are the best available. For more information on Displaydata’s NRF plans visit:

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