Displaydata’s NRF Picks: Top Sessions to Attend at The Big Show

Emma Stevens

It’s nearly the most wonderful time of the year again. No, not the holidays…we’re talking about NRF’s Big Show – where we get to speak with and learn from leaders at the biggest event in the industry.

In preparation for our trip to New York, we’ve created a list of the sessions we’re most looking forward to…


Larger Than Life: Creating the Ultimate Immersive Experience

Sunday / 10:45 – 11:30 a.m. / Stage 2, EXPO Hall, Level 1

  • Description: Retailers get it: In-store shopping needs to be more than just a place to transact. Merchants are creating immersive experiences that are indulgent, communal and compelling enough to pull customers away from their phones and engage their senses. Technology plays a role, but physical, social and surprising activities are what shine. Hear from a diverse NRF panel reimagining the next phase of experiential retail.
  • Our take: Building the store of the future means creating an immersive experience that customers want to return to again and again. This requires great technology and excellent customer service as well. We inject this mindset into our work every day while developing ESLs that facilitate a 21st century store and allow associates to spend more time helping customers instead of changing labels. At this session, you’ll have the chance to hear about how adjusting your team’s mindset can impact your customer experience.

Is Sustainable the New Sexy?

Sunday / 2:00 – 2:30 p.m. / Stage 1, EXPO Hall, Level 1

  • Description: Conscious consumers are driving a sustainable future for retail. Opportunity awaits companies driving systemic change as shoppers expect brands be held accountable for sustainable manufacturing practices, transparency and reining in their carbon footprints. Will a changing customer mindset usher in a positive transformation for the retail industry? An expert panel put together by NRF will examine how sustainable business practices connect with customers.
  • Our take: We believe that it’s important for companies to have a positive impact on the world at large. Displaydata cares deeply about helping retailers reduce food waste. The reality is one-third of all food produced globally for human consumption each year is lost or wasted. This situation puts popular supermarkets in a position of power to incite change. Digital products like ESLs can help grocers lower prices anywhere in the store as products approach their expiration dates, advocating for more sales and resulting in less wasted food. We can’t wait to hear more visions for the future of sustainable initiatives from the participants of this panel.

The Future of Work: How Innovative Workforce Technology Enhances the Customer Experience

Monday / 3:15 – 3:45 p.m. / Stage 6, EXPO Hall, Level 3

  • Description: Hear from GameStop, the world's largest gaming retailer and MarketSource, an organization that outsources sales for leading global retailers as they discuss how advanced technology helps engage a dynamic retail workforce and drive a differentiated customer experience. Learn about adapting to modern employee expectations in a fast-paced retail world, developing an innovative technology strategy that leverages workforce management to increase employee engagement, and enhancing the customer experience with an empowered workforce to stand out in a hyper-competitive landscape.
  • Our take: The hourly retail employee represents the U.S.’s 4th largest employment sector. Yet, too often brands don’t invest in this substantial and important workforce. As Marketing Director Paul Milner noted in his recent article about empowering the workforce, shelf-edge technology, such as electronic shelf labels (ESLs), can easily serve as a critical store operations tool, helping to free up staff to focus on better serving customers. It’s important to examine how retailers can utilize technology to make employees more efficient and capable of doing their best work.

Reimagining the Customer Journey Through the Lens of Experience

Tuesday / 3:15 – 3:45 p.m. / Stage 6, EXPO Hall, Level 3

  • Description: The retail revolution is hitting full stride with those willing to bravely rewrite the rules to go from negative trends to reaping rewards and reporting positive results. Macy's CEO, Jeff Gennette has engineered a remarkable momentum shift by thinking creatively about what a dynamic customer journey should be. Hear Jeff and the change-makers he's tapped – B8ta founder and CEO, Vibhu Norby; Founder and CEO of STORY, Rachel Shechtman; and Marxent’s founder and CEO, Beck Besecker – discuss how reimagining experiential retail across stores, online and mobile is their recipe for success for capturing the new consumer mindset.
  • Our take: In order to survive today, retailers must throw out their ideas of traditional retailing and embrace new, unique ideas for what the customer experience can be. We will continue to see the e-commerce world become more and more embedded with the brick and mortar world. As we continue to create ESLs that help modernize the in-store experience, we look forward to hearing more about creating a rewarding experience for the modern shopper during this session.

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