Displaydata Partners with E Ink at SID Display Week 2018 to showcase the world’s leading fully graphic Electronic Shelf Labels

Paul Milner

Display Week 2018, hosted by SID and held in the bustling city of Los Angeles, recently wrapped up its annual international event – and it did not disappoint.

In Display Week’s words, “Display Week provides an unparalleled marketing opportunity to get before more than 7,000 electronic display design, development and engineering purchase decision-makers.” In short, this premier international event is where the electronic display industry meets to see the latest developments and network with the world’s leading display technology companies.

Naturally with such a prestigious event, all exhibitors strive to showcase their products in the best possible light and for the fourth consecutive year, E Ink selected Displaydata as their strategic partner for Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs), ahead of any other of their ESL providers.

It was a successful event and we were proud to exhibit alongside our long-time partners at E Ink – showcasing E Ink film-based ESLs, with superior images generated through our exclusive DisplaydataLUT™ technology.

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Displaydata has been supporting E Ink at SID Display Week since 2015, when we launched the world’s first fully graphic yellow ESL over a year ahead of any other vendor. As a trusted technical partner adding considerable value, this level of partnership clearly demonstrates our market-leading position and the quality of our control over E Ink’s film’s performance.  

Since 2013, Displaydata has been recognised as the number one fully graphic ESL solution provider in the world, going to market with the first (and now the most advanced and still the only) centralized enterprise-class solution, as well as being first to market with both red and yellow fully graphic ESLs.  In addition to having class leading displays and enterprise software, Displaydata were the first ESL provider to use sub-1Ghz in our enterprise solution and have the world’s leading experts in that technology. With large Tier One retailers now stipulating sub-1Ghz as their mandated technology standard for ESLs, Displaydata’s solution has been developed and enhanced over 15 years and is the clear market leader.

  • First to market with the highest quality and best performing ESLs available using our exclusive DisplaydataLUT™ technology – still the industry leader today
  • The first and leading enterprise-class solution using only a single server instance, offering the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) of any electronic shelf label vendor
  • The lowest cost installation and maintenance using the least amount of hardware in-store of any vendor
  • Superior scalability to easily deploy and manage millions of IoT enabled electronic shelf labels, across thousands of stores. Just one communicator can manage 200,000 labels across 50,000 square feet. They are easily installed, powered over Ethernet (PoE) and remotely configured. No cabling, servers, switches, domes or core appliances needed in-store. Meaning no cherry-pickers, no big teams of installers and no store closures required
  • Highly secure end-to-end connectivity with unparalleled industry coverage, over-the-air (OTA) updates and zero interference with Wi-Fi networks
  • Big data insight, combined with our IoT enabled ESLs, drives powerful in-store customer engagement with Augmented Reality (AR), Bluetooth beaconing (BLE), Near Field Communication (NFC) and geo-location technology for product selection
We take our position as leader in the ESL industry very seriously. We work in close partnership with many of the world’s largest retail brands and have operations in the US, Europe, LATAM and Asia. We help retailers optimise revenues and margins by improving the customer experience at the shelf-edge, where most purchasing decisions are made.

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Our Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) bring the shelf-edge into the Internet of Things era, helping to create shopping experiences that are more engaging, rewarding and personalised – and profitable. We help retailers optimise sales and margin at the shelf-edge, where 90% of purchases are still made.

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