Displaydata Announces Availability of New Aura29F Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) For Grocery Store Freezers

Paul Milner

Displaydata’s also announces the opening of its Atlanta Support Center and the availability of food safe, dust-proof and moisture resistant Guard42 that protects ESLs in food counter areas

January 16, 2016 – Bracknell, UK Displaydata, the world’s number one supplier of three-color, fully-graphic ESLs, today announced the immediate availability of the Aura29F ESL, a new addition to the Displaydata suite of ESL products, designed and optimized for use in the frozen sections of retail stores. The new Aura29F offers the same features as the existing Aura range, with the added benefit of operating in the temperature range used in retail store freezers of between -13°F and  32°F. Displaydata also announced the availability of the Guard42, which protects its Aura42 and Chroma42 ESLs from moisture and other elements typically found in delicatessen, fish and meat counters of retail stores. The opening of the new support center and the extension of operational hours to 24 X 7 X 365 enforces Displaydata’s investment in its North American business and extends its advantage in the region with more ESL experts and support staff on the ground than any other ESL supplier. 

Both the Aura29F and the Guard42, along with Displaydata’s suite of industry-leading ESLs, will be on display in booth #4225 at the National Retail Federation’s 2017 Big Show in New York City, January 15-17.

“We are pleased to bring to market our new Aura29F freezer label, as well as the Guard42 to the world’s largest selling range of fully-graphic ESLs,” said Andrew Dark, CEO, Displaydata. “As the world’s number one supplier of three-color, fully-graphic displays, we listen closely to our customers. Our tier-one customers wanted the ability to apply dynamic promotional strategies in their freezer sections, as they do in the rest of their stores, and we have answered their request. With the largest 3 color, fully graphic installed base in both North America and Europe, we continually look to provide innovative extensions to our category-leading ESL solution. The newly available displays are made available at the same time that our enterprise, control and monitoring solutions add more functionality to make managing hundreds of stores with millions of electronic displays even more automated and simple. This gives retailers more time to serve customers and improve sales in store, rather than printing, cutting out and inserting paper into shelf edges. Our new U.S. Support Centre in Atlanta provides round the clock service and enhances our operation in North America, which is already the largest in the ESL sector.”

Featuring the latest electrophoretic display technology (EPD), Displaydata’s Aura29F ESLs are fully-graphic, black on paper-white displays, offering best-in-class readability with a near 180° viewing angle. The freezer label offers a freeform and flexible label design that enables any combination of text or images, including scanable QR codes and manufacturer’s barcodes, to be displayed inside freezer cabinets. Additional features of the new Aura29F ESL include:

  • True two-way communication. Each ESL features powerful two-way broadcast of price, product and promotional content to ensure 100% accuracy. Each individual Aura29F ESL can respond back to headquarters, confirming updates have been received and activated.

  • Remote and automatic update of firmware to ensure image quality is optimized using DisplaydataLUT™. An exclusive technology to Displaydata, DisplaydataLUT™ enables superior image quality across all temperature ranges in the Displaydata product range.

  • Rich content for effective store promotions and improved store operations. The Aura29F delivers rich content digitally, helping to influence shopper purchasing decisions at the shelf edge. As well, each ESL has up to six pages in memory that can be used to quickly and centrally deploy new promotions from headquarters, provide store associates with merchandising information, and enable them to undertake customer service, replenishment and inventory management tasks more efficiently.?

  • Low power, long life. The Aura29F includes bi-stable displays that require zero power to retain their image, enabling a battery life of three years with an average of three updates per day. The ESL comes standard with replaceable batteries to ensure extended display life.

  • Versatility and personalization. The Aura29F can be managed across the Enterprise by Displaydata’s Dynamic Software Suite and in store is controlled by the same RF infrastructure as the rest of Displaydata’s range of ESLs.

The Guard42 enclosure is made with fish acid-resistant plastic and is easy to clean and disinfect. The enclosure, designed for the Aura42 and Chroma42 ESLs, offers a hygienic design that reduces areas on an ESL prone to bacterial growth and is the ideal solution for areas in a grocery store with misters. As well, the enclosure comes with a “notes” area on the back, providing store associates the ability to write information such as product expiration dates, open-on dates and promotions. The Guard42 aadheres to the FDA-21 standard.

Displaydata’s dedicated support center, located in the Bank of America building in Atlanta will open in Q1 2017, enhancing the existing global support network that Displaydata operates and will become the hub for worldwide operational support coordinating Displaydata’s other worldwide support locations.

Media who would like to meet with Displaydata at NRF 2017, please contact Kathleen See at or 601.757.2625. To learn more about Displaydata or to schedule a product demo at NRF, please contact

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Displaydata’s ESLs, with the option of integrated Bluetooth Low Energy beacons, enable retailers to control and drive in-store pricing and promotions with speed, agility and consistency. Fully graphic and available in three colors, the ESLs can display product, price, promotion, stock levels, social reviews, currency details and much more. Displaydata’s ESLs are part of an architecture designed in partnership with retailers to be enterprise ready. The trusted platform is simple to install and needs the least amount of in-store hardware of any vendor. The wireless network is secure and the robust software enables the centralized management of any number of ESLs, across any number of stores.

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