BAUHAUS Launches Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) Pilot Project in Denmark with Displaydata and Delfi Technologies

Emma Stevens

European hardware store giant will replace in-store paper pricing to ensure clear and accurate pricing throughout select stores in Denmark

Bauhaus (smaller).jpgWe are proud to announce that BAUHAUS, an international hardware chain with more than 300 stores in 19 countries, has engaged with Displaydata and partner Delfi Technologies for an ESL project in its Tilst, Denmark store. A range of Chroma Red products are used (Chroma 16, Chroma 21, Chroma 29, Chroma 37 and Chroma 60) on more than 40,000 items stocked at Tilst and are immediately visible when shoppers enter the store.

To meet customer expectations in today’s competitive landscape, BAUHAUS makes daily price changes for a large selection of its in-store products throughout Europe. Traditionally, these labor-intensive price changes are made by staff who spend a great deal of time adjusting the prices in the store’s POS system, printing new labels and manually changing the labels at the shelf edge. Using Displaydata’s ESLs, however, BAUHAUS has been able to transform and vastly improve its pricing process and boost operational efficiency by remotely changing prices on any number of labels, across any number of stores, in seconds and without manual involvement.

“Very few people think that the task to print price labels and replace them in the 11,200m2 store is the most fun job in the world,” said Mads Jørgensen, CEO, BAUHAUS. “Now associates are released to do what they are best at and actually trained in – customer service.”

Implementation, which took less than a month, was seamless and allowed BAUHAUS to immediately move its store toward the future of retail. Now that prices are changed in seconds, the danger of discrepancies between the checkout price and the advertised price is removed. The agile nature of the ESLs also means it’s much easier to run campaigns and create potential new areas of sales because it takes only a few seconds to change price.

The time saved through not having to print and change paper labels is another advantage of the technology. Associates are now able to meet an hour later during weekends (when many promotions are launched) and focus more on customers at a time when it is busiest.

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