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Back-to-School Gives Retailers a Sneak Peek Into 2017 Holiday Shopping Season

Posted on - September 26, 2017

As we speak, millions of children in the U.S. and beyond have headed back to their familiar classrooms, become acquainted with their new teachers, and of course, showed off their new shoes, jeans and backpacks for their fellow classmates. The back-to-school bonanza always comes on like a [...]


The Powerful Combination of QR Codes and ESLs

Posted on - September 18, 2017

In the early 2010s, QR codes were everywhere. They were all the rage amongst marketers and others who wanted to offer smart phone users quick access to information with a simple scan.


Taking the Retail Industry’s Temperature: Higher Sales, Increased Consumer Confidence

Posted on - September 05, 2017

As we have all heard or read by now, some of the recent media coverage on the state of retail has centered on the supposed overwhelming underperformance of the industry.