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BBC Radio 5: The ESL conversation continues

Posted on - June 27, 2017

Following our contribution to this week’s Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times Andrew Dark, Displaydata’s CEO took to the airwaves with BBC Radio 5’s Drive show to talk about why Electronic Shelf Labels  are being adopted by retailers, what the labels look like and the benefits to consumers.


Dynamic pricing and Electronic Shelf Labels

Posted on - June 26, 2017

Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph quoted Displaydata’s CEO, Andrew Dark, about how Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) help retailers ensure prices are accurate on shelves.

Andrew said: “This kind of technology will be dominant in the UK within two years and within five years it will be rare to see a [...]


It’s time to price dynamically

Posted on - June 20, 2017

In the era of Big Data dynamic pricing is now a reality.

However, there a couple of barriers in the way. The first is concerns about what consumers think about the practice, and, second, there’s the question of how to physically make a high number of price changes in-store – daily and even [...]


Don't neglect the shelf-edge

Posted on - June 06, 2017

Think about all of the amazing things going on in retail right now. And then think of the shelf-edge – with printed paper labels. In fact, the way goods are priced in-store hasn’t changed in decades.