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The Ongoing Saga of Food Waste in Grocery: Standardized Food Date Labeling and Dynamic Pricing Could Save the Day

Posted on - August 22, 2017

We’ve all been there as consumers. Many of the labels on food products include verbiage such as “sell by,” use by,” and “expires on” – confusing us and often leaving us no choice but to toss out perfectly safe food for fear we might be endangering our families with spoiled food. To combat this, [...]


Colours in Retail: How Do Colours Impact Purchasing Decisions?

Posted on - August 01, 2017

Colour scheme is an extremely important factor that brands tirelessly contemplate when designing products and packaging. However, this influence is not limited to just merchandise. Colour also plays a role in the overall layout of the retail store, and (whether they realise it or not) can affect [...]


Relieving Stress for Shoppers with Food Allergies and Restrictions

Posted on - July 25, 2017

Many of today’s shoppers are extremely conscientious of the food they eat, now more than ever. This is especially true for the 15 million Americans and 17 million Europeans(1) living with food allergies, and the millions of other shoppers who have implemented dietary changes to alleviate [...]


Electronic Shelf Labels and Tobacco – Giving Convenience Stores the Edge

Posted on - July 18, 2017

We know that tobacco (much like fuel) is historically a driving factor in customer traffic and loyalty for convenience stores. Typically, customers who enter the store for cigarettes are more likely to spend additional dollars on food, snacks and alcohol. But, costs per pack have gone up over [...]


BBC Radio 5: The ESL conversation continues

Posted on - June 27, 2017

Following our contribution to this week’s Sunday Telegraph and Sunday Times Andrew Dark, Displaydata’s CEO took to the airwaves with BBC Radio 5’s Drive show to talk about why Electronic Shelf Labels  are being adopted by retailers, what the labels look like and the benefits to consumers.


Dynamic pricing and Electronic Shelf Labels

Posted on - June 26, 2017

Yesterday’s Sunday Telegraph quoted Displaydata’s CEO, Andrew Dark, about how Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs) help retailers ensure prices are accurate on shelves.

Andrew said: “This kind of technology will be dominant in the UK within two years and within five years it will be rare to see a [...]


It’s time to price dynamically

Posted on - June 20, 2017

In the era of Big Data dynamic pricing is now a reality.

However, there a couple of barriers in the way. The first is concerns about what consumers think about the practice, and, second, there’s the question of how to physically make a high number of price changes in-store – daily and even [...]


Don't neglect the shelf-edge

Posted on - June 06, 2017

Think about all of the amazing things going on in retail right now. And then think of the shelf-edge – with printed paper labels. In fact, the way goods are priced in-store hasn’t changed in decades.


The “Old School” Store Associate of Now, and the Future

Posted on - May 30, 2017

Once upon a time, the store made it a point to know all their customers, what they liked, what they didn’t, and perhaps even knew some of their birthdays and important anniversaries. When a customer would enter the store, the actual owner of the shop would be there to greet the customer by name, [...]



Posted on - May 23, 2017

One of the first questions we’re asked by prospective customers is: “When will we see ROI from Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs).”